5 Tips for Choosing a Top-notch House Painter in Perth

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Applying a fresh coat of paint to your house can improve the appearance and value of your house. But it takes effort and time to paint your home. Hiring a top-notch house painter in Perth can save you money and give you peace of mind. You can trust the painter to do an excellent job. 

Here are the 5 Tips for Choosing a Top-Notch House Painter in Perth: 

1. Experience

  • Do not choose a house painter before asking them about their experience. Search for house painters with several years of experience. They have painted different homes. 
  • You can talk to their previous clients and check their past work to know their reputation. You want to choose an experienced house painter with a proven track record. 

2. Insured and Registered

  • You must check the insurance and painters registration of the house painter before choosing them, ours at Hammer and Brush is 7774.
  • The house painter must have workers’ compensation insurance and business liability insurance. The insurance protects you and the painters from damages and injuries. 

3. Customer Reviews

  • Many house painters are good at promoting their services. That is why they can easily convince you they are the best in Perth. Do not just believe them. 
  • Instead, search for their customer reviews on the internet. Read these reviews to know the reputation of the potential house painter. Choose a house painter with more good customer reviews. 

4. Completed Projects

  • If you want to know if the house painter is qualified for the job, ask for their completed projects. This is because some house painters have photos of their recent projects. 
  • Review their photos to know the quality of their work. Their completed projects must meet your expectations. If their work does not meet your standards, search for another house painter. 

5. Warranty

  • The best house painters in Perth have a warranty since they believe in their work. If a house painter does not offer a warranty, know they do not stand behind their work. 
  • Therefore, you need to compare the warranties of potential house painters. It is even better to choose a house painter with a long warranty. Make sure the warranty covers both materials and labour. 

How to Choose The Right One from the Lot?  

Choosing a top-notch house painter can give you peace of mind. However, it can take time to compare several house painters. Therefore, if you are looking for a professional house painter to paint your house in Perth, contact Hammer and Brush for a FREE QUOTE.

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