Cedar lining Perth – supplied and installed. We provide professional, affordable cedar lining solutions to Perth homes and businesses. We have installed Cedar Lining across many Perth homes in many different applications.

Cedar Lining Perth Installers

The Cedar Lining you see in the below images have been installed by Hammer and Brush. edar lining  gives any area a touch of class for all to enjoy its beauty. Cedar lining can  be used in the many different areas such as in the Alfresco, Entrance, Eaves, and entertaining areas plus more it also adds value to any property

Our Cedar Lining Projects

Cedar Lining Perth for Alfresco Area

The cedar lining used on this project in Auburn Grove was Western red Cedar. The timber was pre-finished which leaves it  maintenance free for years to come.


Cerdar lining eaves and alfresco area

Cerdar lining eaves and alfresco area – this gives the alfresco area a professional touch and finish as the cedar lining continues out to the eaves


Cedar Lining in Eaves Perth

Close up of the eaves with cedar lining installed. There are also downloads fitted into the cedar lining to provide an exceptional effect at night. This makes for a classic outdoor entertaining area.


Cedar Lining Alfresco Area

This is an Alfresco Cedar Lining Project we performed in Wellard. As you can see downlight will be installed into the cedar lining ceiling, providing quality and ambience for an outdoor entertaining area.


Another angle of the cedar lining project in Wellard.

This is another angle of the Cedar Lining Alfresco Area we installed in Wellard


Cedar Eaves in Bertram Installation

Cedar Eaves in Bertram Installation


Cedar Lining Aubin Grove

Cedar Lining Aubin Grove


Cedar lining gabled ceiling

This is another project we did in Kensington. Here Cedar lining was used to line the gabled ceiling of an outdoor area.


Cedar lining in gabled alfresco area

Here is another view of our Cedar Lining installation in Kensington, Perth


Cedar Lining outdoor area in Perth

Another Perth Cedar Lining installation by Hammer and Brush. A professional installation means a quality, superior finish.


Perth Cedar Lining Installation with Downlights

This Cedar lining project by hammer and brush is an alfresco area with an angled ceiling. Downlights were installed into the ceiling to create a professional finish.


Cedar Lining Perth Installed

Cedar Lining Perth Installation with downlights and Gabled Roof


Cedar lining perth with ceiling fan

Cedar Lining Perth – Outdoor area with a cedar lining ceiling and fan installed in the middle.


Perth Pergola with cedar lining

Magnificent Pergola area built by Hammer and Brush with Cedar lining in the middle section of the ceiling.


Pergola with cedar lining in Perth backyard

Here is another angle of the pergola area with Cedar Lining Installed


Amazing Cedar Lining Pergola in Perth

This is a view from the backyard looking back at the cedar lining project by Hammer and Brush. In this image the downlight are ready for installation.


Gloss wood lining canning vale Canning vale

Here is a different type of ceiling lining called Glosswood. This was a project we did in Canningvale. This wood is a darker finish to create a different effect. In this installation there is a downlight and a ceiling fan installed into the ceiling.


Glosswood Lining Perth

Here is another angle of our Glosswood Lining Project in Canning Vale


Gloss wood installation Perth

The Canning Vale project was for a two story house. Lining both balcony ceilings with Glosswood created an exceptional finish when viewed from the yard.