Debugging Commercial Painting Myths and Misconceptions

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Nothing beats a fresh coat of paint when upgrading and sprucing up the look of your commercial building. But while most people understand the transformative power of a new paint job, there are a lot of misconceptions about how to do it right. Well, Hammer and Brush, commercial painters in Perth, is here to debug and clear some misconceptions up to make your project a success.

Commercial Painting Myths and Misconceptions 

MYTH: You can get a quote for work over the phone.
FACT: When quoting a job, many elements must be taken into account. Accessibility, the scope of preparation required, the size, types and number of surfaces to be painted and so much more. As such, every professional painter knows that a site visit is required before preparing a comprehensive quote.

MYTH: The cheapest deal is always the best deal.
FACT: You get what you pay for, as with anything. A lower price could mean cheap, low-quality materials, less preparation, and unskilled workers. 

MYTH: Painting properties of similar size should cost the same.
FACT: Besides size, many other factors affect the quantity of work required to complete a commercial paint job. One room, for example, could have aluminium window frames that do not need any painting, yet another has wooden window frames which need painting. As such, despite being similar in size, the labour and material expenses would be different. 

MYTH: Time and material specifications protect the painter only.
FACT: Estimating some sorts of work is exceedingly difficult, if not impossible. Furthermore, the client’s and the painter’s ideas about what should be painted may be vastly different. With a time and materials quote, the client can select the level of touch-up they like. That said, the painter is not forced to touch up the entire property since they are bound by the client’s directive. As a result, both the painter and the property owner are protected by time and materials bids.

MYTH: It doesn’t matter which brand or type of paint you use — Paint is paint
FACT: Not all paint brands provide long-term results. More critically, different paint kinds are required for various surfaces. Always do your homework to ensure you get a high-quality paint brand.

MYTH: Painting with lower-quality paints will save you a lot of money.
FACT: Material costs make up only a minor fraction of the total cost of painting, ranging from 8% to 12%. The most expensive component is labour. While using lower-quality paint will save you a few bucks per litre, it will result in a paint job that will last far less time.

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Kevin Hallam

Kevin Hallam

Kevin Hallam is a master carpenter with 27 years of experience. He and Carolyn formed Hammer and Brush in 2012, a company offering a range of carpentry and painting services in Perth, Western Australia. Kevin and Carolyn, who have been together for 27 years, are joined by their two sons in the family business. Besides their trades, Kevin and Carolyn enjoy a range of outdoor activities, such as boating and caravanning. They have lived in Western Australia for the past 14 years and now call it home.

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