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The primary function of the eaves is to throw rain water off the walls and to prevent the ingress of water at the junction where the roof meets the wall.

The eaves may also protect a pathway around the building from the rain, prevent erosion of the footings and reduce splatter on the wall from rain as it hits the ground. We can replace or in most cases repair your existing eaves or carport ceiling back to original state like new.

See just some of the eaves that we have repaired, replaced and painted.

If your Perth home has old, weathered Eaves that are in need of replacing contact us today. We provide quality, affordable solutions right across the Perth metropolitan area.

Eaves that are cracked or exposed can present a number of hazard for your home. They can allow moisture in which can further damage your home and compromise the structural integrity. This presents a danger to the occupants of the home. They also allow exposure to vermin and mice which can also present a health hazard. Call us today for a free quote on Eave repairs for your Perth home.

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