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Carolyn from Hammer and Brush is the interior house painter, Perth residents turn to for a full range of quality painting services.

Our Work:

Below are some of the residential painting we have done for clients across Perth. We consistently get great feedback from our clients

Exterior house painting makes the exterior of the building look great and protects the building from various elements, including pests, dust, damages, etc. You can prevent the wood from rotting using quality paints. It is easy and affordable to upgrade your building using exterior house painting.

Why Choose Hammer and Brush as Your Exterior House Painter?

1. Areas Difficult to Access

We are ready to paint or repaint areas difficult to access. Our exterior house painters use scaffolding and specialised machinery, such as boom lifts and cherry pickers, to paint the exterior of the building. We will do the work safely to avoid causing unnecessary accidents and injuries on your property or your neighbour’s.

2. Considering the Environment

There are wind-borne salt and high levels of UV radiation in most parts of Western Australia. These conditions can negatively affect any painted surface. Therefore, we will use correct sealers, primers and paints to ensure the harsh environmental conditions will not affect the surfaces that we will paint.

3. Experience and Expertise

Our exterior house painters are experts and they have several years of experience applying different products on various surfaces. That is why we can help you pick the best products to suit your needs. We can even use products that can deal with harsh weather conditions in Western Australia.

4. Trusted By Professionals

Do you know why many professionals and people trust us? Because we use genuine products to protect the exteriors of the buildings of our clients. If there is a problem with the exterior surface of any building, we use the best finishing product to fix it.

Exterior House Painting Services

Timber Varnishing

Timber varnishing is a transparent protective finish. Varnish is glossy and dries hard and its components are a solvent, resins and drying oil. The resin is either epoxy, polyurethane, oil or acrylic. The varnish is suitable for exterior house painting since it is versatile, tough, durable and waterproof.

Heritage House Painting

It is expensive to take care of and maintain a heritage home. It is important to hire professional exterior house painters to paint and restore your heritage home. Therefore, our professional house painters in Perth can help restore the traditional tones of your heritage home. We will help you pick the right tone for your heritage home.

Weatherboard House Painting

Do you have a weatherboard house? If so, then you will experience rotting to the timbers at some point. If you do not treat your woods, the rot will spread quickly. However, it is very expensive to replace the timbers. It is much cheaper to hire professional house painters to paint and protect your timbers. Hiring professionals reduce the maintenance of your weatherboard house.

Exterior Painting Colour Consultation

It is hard for most people to pick the best colour schemes for either the interior or exterior of their buildings. That is why our professional colour consultants are ready to help our clients pick the best colour schemes for the exterior of their building.
Our colour consultant will listen to your ideas to help you create a perfect colour scheme for the exterior of your building.

It is important to hire professional exterior house painters if you want to update the look of your house. If you are looking for the best professional painters to paint the exterior of your house, then contact Hammer and Brush.

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