Sometimes the hardest room to choose a colour for is the hallway. When the colour chosen for a hallway is not good it stands out more because the walls are so close as you. On the same token, we understand that just a plain white hallway is really the easy way out and may not be consistent with the rest of your home. Carolyn from Hammer and Brush is able to provide you with some excellent solutions when it comes to hallway colours.

Consider the Mood You Can Set with Hallway Colours

The important thing to remember when choosing colours for your home is to consider the mood you want to set. You don’t need loud and excessive colours in order to create a mood or feeling with colour. In fact often it is the more neutral tones which can create a subtle ambiance and make your home the sanctuary you need. In this hallway design we opted for a two tone colour scheme which we could carry through to the various rooms in the home. Often hallways are the hardest to choose colours for. These colours flowed through the various rooms in the home, making a seamless link between the bedrooms and the Kitchen.

Hallway colour design

The colours for a hallway. This hallway was painted by Carolyn and you can see just how effective it can be to run two colours down a hallway. By creating two different colours it gives a feeling of space and perspective. It also allows for pictures to be hung on the wall and not feel lost in the space.