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Interior design in the hospitality industries matters. And no, not just the furniture, upholstery, and decor. Even details as minute as the paint job matter. This is because competition in the hospitality industry is fierce, and bland hotels struggle to connect with their clients.

That said, whether it's a hotel, restaurant, café, bar, or snack shop, you've got to pick the paint colours right! Colours play a major role in customer perception. As such, painting the walls, columns, ceiling and many others correctly is critical to keep the business going. Is the colour picking process daunting? Hire professionals like Hammer and Brush for the job!

Our Painters Paint:

  • Café
  • Hotels
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Casinos

What Does Painting Do to Your Venue?

1. Boosts the Mood of Customers

A fresh-looking venue that is painted in radiant colours is perfect for creating a good mood. That way, every customer that visits the venue feels happier and relaxed. As a result, they are more likely to make purchases and spend more time at the venue.

2. Helps to create a Positive Brand Image

One perfect way of strengthening a firm’s brand is through painting a venue with the brand colours. This gives employees and everyone in the venue a sense of identity. Besides, past research has shown that art and interior design choices can represent the organisation's overall identity. Moreover, nothing more boosts sales and profits than a strong brand image.

3. Represents a Firm's Culture

Normally, art is a means of interacting with the greater world. When done right, hospitality and art should complement each other, providing both an experience and a sense of escape. Therefore, painting a hospitality venue should be done in such a way that the final look reflects the firm’s culture. This way, customers can connect with the company more intimately.

4. Improves the General Appearance of a Venue

Even with expensive furniture and décor, a venue without the perfect paint will still not look good. Notably, walls make up the largest part of any building, meaning its appearance is highly dependent on how the walls look. That said, painting a venue correctly ensures that it looks perfect in the eyes of both employees and guests. Luckily, with professional painters like Hammer and Brush, an exciting yet relaxing ambience is not hard to achieve.

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It is obvious that painting will revolutionise your business! However, all this can only be achieved with the help of a professional painter who is thoroughly experienced. Fortunately, Hammer and Brush are available for all your painting needs at a very affordable price. Call us today and get a free quotation!


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