How to Choose the Skirting Board for Your Perth House?

skirting board on wall in house

Installing skirting boards inside your home can protect your walls and furnishings from wear and tear and accidental knocks. 

It can also be an elegant decoration for your interior. You can use them to make the interior of your house stand out. 

Here are some things to consider when choosing skirting boards for your home:

1. Consider the Number and Age of People Living in Your House

Skirting boards not only improve the design of your interiors but also protect your walls since they are quite durable.

The number and age of people living in your house can impact the skirting board you want to install. 

If you have young children and pets, it is not ideal to install intricate skirting boards which can get damaged easily. 

It would be wise to install high-durable skirting boards and corner protections to protect your walls from damage. 

2. Pick the Right Size of Skirting Boards Suitable for Your Home

It is essential to choose the right size of skirting boards to install in your home.

If you choose small or big skirting boards, they may negatively impact the general design of your house’s interior. 

The size of the skirting boards you choose will also depend on your tastes and preference. Before deciding, it might be helpful to talk to a professional advisor. The advisor can adjust the size of skirting boards to suit your home’s aesthetics

3. Take Advantage of Your Home’s General Design

Consider the general design of your home before choosing skirting boards. 

Since you can use skirting boards to decorate your home, try matching them to their already existing design. 

Skirting boards can even improve the look and feel of your room. It is best to experiment with a few skirting profiles.

Be careful, however, not to create an unusual combination. For example, if your home is a modern, minimalist style, then a simple profile with clean lines will be a good style to choose. On the other hand, if your home is more of a traditional style, you may find a classic, intricately detailed skirting may suit. 

4. Consider the Type and Quality of the Skirting Board

There are different types of skirting boards, including MDF skirting, softwood skirting, and hardwood skirting.

MDF skirting can resist warping and swelling. It is also affordable and cheap to maintain. 

It is, however, easy to stain, varnish, and refinish softwood skirting to get a natural look inside your house. Hardwood skirting is ideal for creating an elegant appearance in your room. 

5. Buy Your Board from a Reliable Supplier or Installer

Once you choose the best skirting boards for your home, it is now time to find a reliable supplier or installer.

It is always safer and cheaper to hire an experienced installer to install the skirting boards in your home. 

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Kevin Hallam

Kevin Hallam

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