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It is hard to paint a medical facility since it needs special attention and picking the right paint. Hire medical facility painters to paint your medical facility/Health or Aged Care. Why? They address air quality, usage of your facility and proper ventilation before the painting work begins.

It is also easy for medical facility painters to select the best products and handle any issues that may arise.

What to Expect from Our Painters?

Paint Selection

Some paints are harmful and increase risks to the patients/residents. Our medical facility painters will help you select the best paints for your medical facility. We will select easy to clean and durable paint for your medical facility. And the paint we use will not harm your patients/residents or staff.

Choose the Right Colours

According to researchers, colours can affect human health and the body. Also, colours can affect the emotions of people. So, you must do proper research before selecting the colours for your medical facility. Instead of doing the research, we can assist you to choose the right colours. The colours will make a big difference in your facility.

Painting Flooring and Special Wall Coatings

You need special coatings on the floors of your medical facility. It is essential to install epoxy and non-slip coatings to prevent wear and tear. We can use high gloss paints to paint your surgical suites, operating rooms and emergency. The paint will last, even if you scrub them vigorously.

What We Will Consider When Painting a Medical Facility or Aged Care?

Purpose of the Room

It is crucial to choose the right colour for each room. The colour should suit the purpose of the room. We will consider the purpose of the room before selecting the colour.

Air Quality

We will consider paint odour and fumes before painting the medical facility. This is because some patients/residents can get sick because of the paint odour and fumes. We will handle this issue on your behalf.

We won’t let paint fumes interfere with the air quality of your medical facility. We can use the right paint to minimise the effects.

Flexible Scheduling

It is critical to provide medical attention to sick people. Some medical facilities are open throughout the day. So, our medical facility painters have a flexible schedule. We can work in the evening, on the weekend or even during the holidays.

We will consider your schedule. So, if you close your medical practice, we can work when you close your medical facility.


It is essential to hire knowledgeable and skilled commercial painters to paint your medical facility/Health or Aged Care. The best medical facility painters can work in demanding environments and they can accommodate your schedule. If you are looking for professional medical painters to paint your medical facility/facilities, then contact Hammer and Brush.

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