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For new house painting contact Hammer and Brush. We provide exceptional painting services in Perth for new homes. Carolyn has a fantastic eye for colour and can help you select the right colours and tones to create a consistent feel throughout the home.

The paintwork of a new house is what makes it stand out. The final finish can transform any house into a spectacular residence. It’s the first thing people notice as they enter, and it sets the character for every room throughout the house. Hammer and Brush understands the delicacy and specifics required to attention to detail of interior house painting in Perth.

New Home Colour Consultation

We also do a colour consultation so if you’ve ever admired someone else’s décor, but haven’t quite had the know-how to try it on your own, then a Hammer and Brush colour consultant can help. Our consultant is fully qualified Interior Decorators with the experience to help you achieve your dream décor with confidence.

New House Painting Perth

Painting your new house can transform the appearance of your house and make your house feel safe and comfortable. New house painting can keep your house clean since the paint can repel allergens, dust and dirt. It can also help seal out moisture and protect your surfaces.

Why Choose Hammer and Brush for Your New Home Painting?

1. Premium Products

Hammer and Brush use premium products to meet the set Australian Standards. Therefore, we use high-quality paints to paint the interior and exterior of new homes. We complete the work with topcoats to guarantee a consistent finish. The finish will keep your home looking like new for longer.

2. Registered and Professional Painters

Hiring licensed and professional painters can give you peace of mind. You can trust us since we have undergone the necessary training. We will pick the best paint for your home to ensure an excellent job. You can trust Hammer and Brush to get you your desired results.

3. Colour Consultation

It is not easy to pick the perfect colour scheme for your home on your own. Hammer and Brush provide colour consultation to help you select the right paint and colour for your new home. We don’t just want to paint your home, we want you to love it, that’s why we are here to help.

4. Paint Houses of all Sizes

Painters at Hammer and Brush can paint houses of all sizes. They can paint both small and big homes, including single or 2 storeys buildings. Bought a big house? You will take too much time painting your house on your home. We can help you cut the time and money spent by half.

It is much better to let professional house painters in Perth paint the interior and exterior of your new house. If you are in Perth and you are looking for professional painters to paint your new house, contact Hammer and Brush to get professional painters.


The cost of painting a new house depends on the size of the house. Send us your house plans and you will get a free and fast quote. 

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