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A vibrant working space increases the productivity of employees, which is what every company wants. As such, after moving into a new office space, it is important to make sure that the environment is conducive for work. What better way to spruce up than to apply a fresh coat of paint? However, choosing an experienced painter like Hammer and Brush is critical to ensure that perfection is achieved.

What Our Office Painters Will Do For You

Painting can be stressful, especially given the length of time it takes. Moreover, it necessitates a great deal of planning and preparation, from purchasing the materials to doing all of the necessary prep. That said, it is better to hire professionals like us instead of making painting an unpleasant process. Our office painters are highly skilled to make any old office space look brand new using paint.

5 Incredible Benefits of Hiring Hammer and Brush as Your Office Painters

1. To Change the Look and Feel of the room/entire Space

Hiring Hammer and Brush means that the entire office space will be changed to look brand new. Sometimes, the office space may need a change of colours, to make it look more vibrant and fresh. In other cases, some offices need fresh paint to replace the old ones. Whichever the case, no company does the job better than Hammer and Brush.

2. Sync in With Your Brand Colour

A firm's brand image is one of the most successful factors for any company. Consequently, the brand of a company is represented by certain colours, which are displayed through paint. That said, office space must be painted with colours that sync with the brand colours. Unfortunately, not many painters can deliver the exact shades of a brand colour in the office space. However, with Hammer and Brush, accuracy in colour shades is guaranteed.

3. Improves the Work Environment

A dull office space translates into dull employees. On the other hand, a vibrant and fresh-looking office space gives rise to energetic employees. Notably, there is no better way to boost employee productivity than through a fresh coat of paint on the office walls.

4. Cost-Effective Renovation

Budget limitations are always an issue when it comes to renovation projects, and this applies to painting as well. Fortunately, there is no need to worry when you deal with an ethical company. Hammer and Brush offer the best deals in the market and still deliver quality.

5. Our Painters are Flexible

Office painting can be tricky, as it may lead to work being stopped temporarily. However, with our company, the painters are flexible enough to paint as work continues. They put in the necessary measures to ensure that the safety of employees is guaranteed during the process.

Office Painting Colour Consultation

If you are unsure what colours to paint your office walls, Hammer and Brush are also able to assist you. Carolyn draws on her vast Commercial Painting experience to deliver quality colours that will work with your office space.

Carolyn also uses cutting edge technology to sample the existing colours in your space to determine what will work well in your area. If you are thinking of a particular set of colours but not sure how to make them work, then this technology may be of great benefit to you.

This is particularly the case if you want to showcase your company logo or want to have branding continuity throughout your office space. Sometimes you can have certain company colours or logo colours that you want to carry through to your office space. In some cases, there may be complementary colours that support your logo and branding and are also suitable for walls.

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For all office painting jobs in Perth, look no further than Hammer and Brush. Not only are our prices affordable, but we shall also give impeccable service. We have a team of professional painters who can deliver fast turnaround times and an excellent finish. Call Carolyn on 0419 192 561 or complete our Contact Form for a free quote.

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