In What Order Do You Paint the Interior of a House?

Man painting the interior of his house by himself

Painting the interior of your house can beautify your interior and boost your mood at home. It can also protect and prevent damage to your house and even improve air quality in your home. In fact, you can paint the interior of your house on your own to save money. 

Here is the logical order to paint the interior of your house: 

Start By Painting Your Ceiling 

Paint your ceiling first since the paint will fall on your floor. Some paint can even get on your walls. You do not have much control when it comes to the ceiling. If the paint falls on the walls and floor, you will still paint them later. So, it should not bother you. 

Next, Paint the Trims

Once you complete painting your ceiling, you can paint the trims. It is a bit tricky to paint the trims. The paint will get onto the walls as you paint the trims. Do not worry about it. If the paint touches the walls, it can make painting the trims much easier. 

Then, Paint the Cut-Ins 

It requires patience and some skills to paint the cut-ins. You can use painter’s tape to paint the cut-ins, especially if you are not professional. If you have some experience, you do not have to use the painter’s tape. It is also important to use the right brush. Use a stiffer brush for thick and light paint.

Lastly, Paint the Walls 

You can now paint the walls. It is easy to paint the walls. In fact, it is fun to paint the walls. You can use a spray or brush to get the paint into your walls. It is much better to use a roller. Dip your roller into the paint. And ensure the paint evenly covers each side of the roller. 

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You can follow this logical order to paint the interior of your house. However, it is much better to hire skilled interior house painters to paint your house. If you are looking for tips to paint the interior of your house, contact Hammer and Brush for more information.

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