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We install a wide range of timber or M.D.F. skirting boards in Perth. All skirting boards that we install are glued and nailed. Holes are filled and internal joints are scribed. All gaps on the top edges are filled to walls for a flawless finish. All skirting boards are installed by a professional carpenter (not a handyman).

Full Skirting Board Supply, Installation and Finishing Service

We are also able to paint your skirting boards if you require. The painting will be done by a professional registered painter. We can even install stair strings to keep the flow going through you home just look at some of our past projects below. So contact Hammer and Brush today

Skirting Boards Perth Installation

Hammer and Brush can prepare and install all shapes and sizes of skirting boards for your Perth home. Our fully qualified professional carpentry service means you can rest easy and leave the professionals to it. We value high quality workmanship and will make sure the job is done right.

Painting Service for Skirting Boards in Perth

We can also help you should you need your skirting boards painted. Carolyn can assist you with the painting and decorating of your new home. She uses cutting edge technology to sample colour to get the best result for your home.

The Purpose of Skirting Boards

Moving your furniture and cleaning your home with a mop or vacuum cleaner can damage the lower parts of your walls. The purpose of the skirting boards is to protect the walls from wear and tear and scuffs. In addition, high-quality skirting boards can be decorative to your interior while adding value to your home.

Types of Skirting Boards

Companies use MDF, plaster or wood to construct skirting boards. You can also find skirting boards in different sizes and styles. The most common skirting boards are pre-finished, removable and moulded skirting boards.

Pre-finished skirting boards are easy to install. Moulded skirting boards are more difficult to find as they were mostly used in the past and can be found in older homes.

Installing removable skirting boards can allow you to access your wall cavities, and it is easy to remove them. Just remove your removable skirting boards if you want to check something inside your walls.

Should Skirting Boards Touch the Floor?

You can leave a space between your skirting boards and your floor; they do not have to touch the floor. A new building can also move over time to leave a gap between skirting boards and the floor, so consider this during installation.

Leaving a space between your skirting boards and your floor can make it easy to tuck in and remove a carpet. You can also install skirting boards after carpet installation.

Skirting Board Installation Cost

The cost of installing skirting boards depends on the quantity, quality and type of the skirting boards. If you want to install skirting boards on your own, make sure you know what your are doing; you still need to consider the cost of purchasing the proper tools and equipment. Talk to a professional to help you understand the cost of installing skirting boards in your home.

How to Install Skirting Boards

It is best to hire an experienced licensed carpenter to install skirting boards in your home, as installation methods differ for various types of skirting boards. You need to consider the materials of your walls, the type of skirting board, and whether nails should be used or not.

How Hammer and Brush Can Help You

Hammer & Brush are expert carpenters and a professional service provider to install your skirting boards in Perth, Western Australia. We are a family run business (husband, wife and two sons) owned and operated locally. Contact us today.

Calls us now for a no-obligation free quote. Hammer & Brush provide the best service for skirting boards Perth can get. Call Kevin on 0435 502 256 or go to our contact page.


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